keskiviikko 2. heinäkuuta 2014

Grand lie II

Lying on a hospital bed
slowly sinks into the ocean
of hopelessness
someone's grandmother, almost existing

Nurses come and go
while I sit against the cement
trying not to give in
to the kind of thinking they like
to spread to the innocent

I don't know her drying body
never seen, and no one else will either
because no one cares anymore
about a malfunctioning piece
of nearly forgotten memories
and mean words of tiredness and anger

risen from the ashes
of the Great Disappointment
aka her story's last page

Go ahead and live your life
you're young and you need to have fun
and you have your own grandparents you'll have to look after

Minds of the evening, thinking grey
now living in a fear of the point
where their one weekly visiter
keeps saying "it's going to be allright"
when even the falling walls know that's a lie

Without doubt they will
once waver on those harsh sheets
singing the song of still breathing

and begging for one person, anyone
to speak and live the ghosts silent

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