maanantai 30. marraskuuta 2015

Child in the cupboard

I am a child
weeping in the cupboard during hide-and-seek
Thought they were so brave

Alone in the dark, door locked, no peeking

But they are weeping
because they're afraid of running out of oxygen.

sunnuntai 29. marraskuuta 2015

'I should not live where I am comfortable'

I should not live
where I am comfortable .

I can squeeze the most
out of my little human's body
when I am suffering
a little

I turn, I roll, I cannot stay still
in my comfortable bed
Because all this soft, nice living
has sucked out the usable part in me
I am not to be used
when I am comfortable .

From a young age I have been writing,
I have to fill my part
have to keep my promise
to the inner melancholy, the great big sister
whom I will never meet
but to whom I will never stop listening .

Here I can see
I haven't succeeded in escaping her
No, she is not to be fooled
I do not know what I have been thinking
' I am happy '
is a hollow reflection of the minds of the fool
Why did I ever try to listen to them ?

So I got addicted
to succeeding in life that does not matter
And as I have been comfortable
I have thought I had lost her
But now I can see, here
She is not to be escaped from
She is me, I am her
Inside the crisp crust of a baguette
of a life too soft to be l i v e d .

maanantai 23. marraskuuta 2015

Hukkumaisillani kylpyammeeseen

Oma pikku maapalloni
keinuu suihkunletkun ympäri, ympäri
Näytän sille kieltä, vaikka sormet jo lipsuvat laidoilla.

Ammeeni loiskuu ja säröilee
Mutta silti minä mielelläni
kasvatan kynsiä piripinnan alla.
Lymyilen, polvet koukussa.

Onhan se sentään aitoa
liukua pohjalle aina vain takaisin
yskiä saippua-aalloissa iholastuja
riipiä ripsiä yksitellen
seurata kuinka mustelmat sinertyvät

Onhan se sentään aitoa
Vaikken ikinä nousisi kylvystäni.